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Helpful Hints For Maintenance of Open-air Fireplaces

Tips Regarding Maintenance of Open-air Fireplaces

Going to purchase an outdoor fireplace? Well, in that case you have got endless possibilities. People brainstorm their needs and requirements thoroughly prior to making purchase of a certain fireplace which matches their suitability, from ultra-portable, semi portable, to entirely traditional hearths. Issues of maintenance are the most critical issues people worry about while getting a fireplace installed in their garden or patio. The outdoor contractors of fireplace can assist you in making the best decision for the yard or patio accordant the style and use.

Outdoor Fireplace Chimney Maintenance

These portable ovens have become the new trend for patios now. For an outdoor hearth, there are the plenty of benefits of choosing a chimney that is easily transportable.

This type of chimney has been introduced in various sizes, material, colors and shapes. When thinking about your chimney's maintenance, you need to consider how each material that a chimney has been made up of will be affected over time.

Clay chimneys do not need a considerable amount of maintenance, though they may break easily. The copper goes green over time. These both materials needs a waterproof cover to avoid damage by moisture.

Cast iron lasts pretty long as a thick covering with paint shall keep the cast-iron outdoor fireplace in a well and good condition.

The Fire-Pit Care

One of the best choices for yards and patios is the Fire-pit. The fire-pits of table style are portable, plus the special design gives a well-dispersed pattern of light and heat.

However, fire-pits do require high-maintenance. You may have to be extra careful about the burning materials to block soot from being spread around your garden or patio. Some helpful tips will be useful for you:

The fire pit always should be kept in a place where it can't be knocked over, away from winds & traffic areas that can carry your residual ash across the yard. This even assists to buy a heavy model that may stand up better elements.

Empty the fire pit quickly after using, if it’s on the patio and exposed to rain. The rain storms shall carry the ash across your space in puddles or might in streaks.

The fire pit of metal requires much time just like chimney does. You shall need to preclude rust trough applying paint or sealer and clean it up the trap.

Outdoor Fireplace Brick/Stone Upkeep

When deciding to buy an outdoor fireplace, the owner of the home can even decide to go with the traditional option. A brick or stone fireplace is an entirely different sort of buy than the portable sort, but it does have advantages of its own: A finely built brick/stone hearth installed in your outdoor space has got no substitute, but the structure shall eventually require a big overhaul. If you do have confusion about the services you might to get done, contacting contractors will aid you with devising ideas.

Good luck with the maintenance!

4/9/2013 3:32 PM By David Coonse

Tips On Selecting the Best Fire-Feature For Your Outdoor Space

Tips on selecting the Best open-air fireplace, fire-pits and/or fire-bowls

Since ages, it has been a great enjoyment for people to sit and relax around outdoor fire. The modern age has definitely added modern touch to the past routines; Nowadays, people like outdoor fire in the vicinity of their own homes; the gardens and patios of the house are looked upon as the likely living rooms and places to relax, and therefore people have started to consider adding outdoor fire features to the outdoor spaces of their homes. It is however noteworthy that not each and every fireplace, fire-pit or fire-bowl is able to completely satisfy you and therefore a wise choice, with proper consideration is necessary.

Below are 5 highly significant tips to consider before deciding to purchase a fire-feature for your outdoor space:


Before even planning out to buy a certain fire-feature, just think about what exactly do you want from it? Do you just want to sit around it to relax whenever you feel the chills of cold evenings? Or do you want it to be a spot for social gatherings and entertainment? Would want it for cooking purposes too? List your preferences and then see the options that best match your requirements!


To give the touch of a campfire, a fire pit is required to be on/in the ground. There are certain outdoor fire-pits and fireplaces that have the fire-bowl elevated to a certain height which does not block your view of the opposite side. However, there are also intense fires that fiercely rise up to a height to render a brighter burn. Now, it is on you to decide what you want? Do you desire a smaller or a lower fireplace that lets you see the other side and let you see, walk to and have conversations with people sitting there or you desire a big fire to enjoy greater heat energy? Your purchase should follow your desires.


Are you one of those people that have problems with the smoke coming out of the fire? Well, in that case you should try considering a fireplace or fire-pit that have a chimney incorporated to channel the smoke all the way up and out through it, preventing it from reaching you. A one with tempered glass sides is favorable.


It is highly important to consider the fact that even the highest quality iron will gradually begin to rust. Therefore, maintenance is essential to prevent your fireplace/pit from getting damaged to soon. All you have to do is frequently use a rust-preventing polish/paint that also has a high-temperature rating mainly on components made up of iron.

Note: Copper and stainless steel does not need polishing as it does not rust.


Are you a type of person who does not like staying at one place for long? Do you like traveling or changing the settings of your house frequently? Is it so that you feel like you cannot live without or enjoy trips without fire? If so, then you need to consider getting laying your hands on a portable fireplace or fire-pit that is easy to carry around with you. Some of them are wheelers, whereas some are light even to lift. There are also special ones that can be folded and kept in a carrying case for transporting.

3/14/2013 3:29 PM By David Coonse

The Benefits of Outdoor Fireplaces

Outdoor Fireplaces: Free of Mess, Hassles and Hazards

Everyone loves the element of fire so intensely that they would love going on a camping trip just for assembling around a campfire. We would even install a fire feature at our home for enjoying the flickering flames alight. But, what could one do if he/she wanted to enjoy out-of-door fire without leaving the vicinity of their own home? Well, they could simply consider installing an outdoor fireplace in the outside space of their home only!

Outdoor fireplaces are far more than just simple hearths; They come in a wide plethora of designs and styles to match the customer's suitability. Sometimes also called 'chimneys', these happened to be freestanding, movable stoves designed integrated with a chimney for channeling soot and smoke away from the atmosphere and bringing in the fresh air. This makes them more self-contained, convenient and efficient unlike fire-pits.

Safe and Clean

Unlike fire-rings or fire-pits, outdoor fireplaces happen to be safer due to the fact that they come enclosed inside a protective structure. This prevents soot, hot gusts, soot and sparks from burning your property or providing a pollution filled environment.

The issue of smoke is inevitable with a fire feature. You cannot directly control the gushes of smoke from the fire and if it gets directed to the face it can cause irritation in the eyes as well as a pungent smell in your clothes and hair.

As outdoor fireplaces come with a system for proper smoke disposal, one can be complacent in terms of a safe and clean environment.

A Wide Variety

Outside fireplaces are available in a wide range of styles, shapes, designs and sizes, therefore it would always be wise to carry out a research before making the final purchase. Below are few of the choices for you, which will help you make your choice, each having their own advantages and cons:

Fixed Structure:

Yes, there are people who dislike a portable fireplace and love the historic look and various features of a permanently fixed one. It indeed costs more as it requires full-fledged construction, though it has capabilities of rendering an extremely modern touch to gardens, decks and patios.


Steel fireplaces are cheaper, considerably low in weight (supporting portability), and mostly come with a screen that is highly see-through and provides 360 degree view. They are often also integrated with grills and other barbecue features for cooking purposes. Though, are low in durability and rust well easily, so they require proper storage when not in use and maintenance.


Fireplace made up of clay have a very beautiful rustic look and come very cheap, but it's usually very heavy and vulnerable to damage: clay features cannot withstand moisture and other elements and therefore needs very a protective lining.


Cast iron is highly durable, but heavy too. A fireplace of this material is more of a fixed feature that barely supports portability.


Cast-aluminum look similar too cast-iron, but it is lighter and less expensive. But it can withstand the elements and be easily stored during rougher weather.

Gas-powered Fireplace

Wood burning fireplace not only give you hassles of cutting wood planks and hurling them into fire but also produce soot and ashes. A best alternate is modern natural gas or propane powered fireplace, which can be easily lit and extinguished with a valve and does not need much maintenance. It is also cost and time efficient. However, as natural gas cannot be replenished, is therefore expensive and may lack few of the qualities that a wood-lit fire has.

2/4/2013 3:24 PM By David Coonse

3 Amazing Advantages of Outdoor Fireplaces

Three Amazing Advantages of Outdoor Fireplaces that you might not know of

It is no doubt that outdoor fireplaces are a great source of comfort and luxury for chilly evenings, but you may have no idea in terms of the fact that they do solve three issues related to design too.

You don't feel like going back indoors on warm sunny days that end with chilly and long evenings? Well, you don't have to worry as long as outdoor fireplaces are available in the market! You can get one installed in the gardens, patios or any possible outdoor space to add to their livability. Fireplaces and fire pits are always a great thing to have in your home as they offer more than you would expect from them; more than just warmth and comfort. . .

Go get a hearth for your outdoor living spaces if you need:

  1. An Upright, Tall Focal Point.

  2. A tall chimney always renders a touch of elevation and height. If one wants to adjust or modify the home structure in terms of height and width, with tall features, he can consider incorporating a tall and thick chimney in the court or the garden.

  3. A very strong vertical focal-point helps splitting the gangling wall of the house, critical to getting the outside living-space to become comfortable and warm.

  4. A hearth which has a wide and elevated chimney also serves the typical purpose of such features: providing a highly smoke-free environment, besides favoring the contemporary applications associated with home design.

  5. Fine Definition and Proper Structure.

  6. Incorporating a hearth in the outdoor spaces of the home can render proper definition and structure a space which gives a look of a pergola. A fireplace paired with a screen-like foliage can greatly help creating a boundary which most finely defines the outside living area of the home. Sometimes, even a installing a single fireplace in a considerably large living area would suffice to provide anchorage to the room.

  7. Physical Heat and Illumination.

  8. Besides providing warmth and coziness, fireplaces do render a touch of magical, rich light and pleasantness to the space which serves as an appealing and attractive invitation. In the gardens, the apparent warmness of the hearth gets enhanced by strategically providing lighting to the objects and plants that surround the chimney. One will definitely love to spend time in such a mesmerizing environment.

1/20/2013 3:28 PM By David Coonse

The Era of Gas-Lit Logs

Gas-lit Fireplace Logs

Don't you just love listening to the crackling wood and enjoying the view of the heavenly golden glow of coals? If you do, but yet hate the mess and hassles of a wood-burning hearth, there's a solution for you. Well obviously, nowadays, when everyone finds himself deeply committed in a hectic monotonous routine and hence is always short of time, barely anyone has time to chop planks for themselves and keep hurling them in the fireplace to keep the flame alight. A need for a gas powered fireplace has thus arrived, and the equipment has taken over the market for people who want to have a wood-free and hassle-free realistic fire.

This is indeed the era of gas logs. These kind of gas-lit logs are very similar to the original wooden planks as they are manufactured with actual wood molds combined with concrete or ceramic. Plus, they are even incorporated with the natural pattern and knots which makes them highly indistinguishable. These gas-fire logs are not only exactly similar to natural wood, but they also light a very ample and brilliant fire just like how real wood does.

Gas-lit logs have the capability to be installed about any sort of fireplace, be it pre-fabricated, masonry or perhaps one of those without a vent. These fireplace logs are available in two types: 1.Vented, 2. Vent-less, to support your suitability and individualism. Most vented gas and direct gas fireplaces come equipped with logs already installed but often you can choose the style that suits you best.

The extensive range of Gas-lit hearth logs can be found a specialty stores that sell fireplaces and pits, however a limited collection can also be found at building-material supply shops like Lowes and Home Depot. A noteworthy fact is that specialty stores may have a highly knowledgeable staff, besides an extensive and great selection of the gas logs.

The market is full of gas logs that have a high-definition fine barks and a combination of special colors to give them a touch and look of real wood. Many wood-styles can also be found, such as, Pine, White-Birch and Oak.

The marketing of these logs are done both online and offline, so if one wants to purchase them through a website, they can pay by various methods and get them delivered straight away to their doorstep. Carrying out a single search on a recognized search-engine like Google will open horizons for you to buy these from numerous dealers in your locality or abroad. Buying online helps compare styles, price and features, enabling you to make very well analytic research before making the final purchase; plus, getting it in your hands remains only a few clicks away.

Prior to buying gas fireplace logs, kindly carry out research regarding what certifications and permits are required for keeping gas-lit logs around your vicinity as they do vary from one locality to another. Consult a local building-inspector to find out. Also do notify your home owners insurance firm and tell them that you have, in your house, installed gas-lit logs so that you will get a cover for any events associated, in case of emergencies.

12/22/2012 3:19 PM By David Coonse

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